Corporate Services

We understand that as an employer, one key challenge you face is to find innovative, low-cost ways to increase productivity and maintain positive morale within your work force. We are here to offer you an opportunity to meet this challenge.

We are extremely pleased to offer our unique Corporate Services to you and your staff. Our mission is to give your employees more time, less stress and quality cleaning second to none. We are confident that, once you experience our outstanding quality and service, this program will become a valued part of your employee benefits package.

With our Corporate Services you and your employees will receive discounted rates for dry cleaning and laundry services, as well as FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY to and from your office. Our program not only saves your employees time and money but also provides an innovative, low-cost way for your business to differentiate yourself from other corporate competitors.

here's how it works

Join the growing number of corporations who are adding the Green DryClean Corporate Services to their employee benefits packages. Take advantage of our non-disruptive FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY SERVICES and these added benefits now:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Discounted pricing for corporate employees
  • FREE reusable VIP clothing bag that doubles as a garment bag
  • FREE pick up & delivery on scheduled days each week
  • FREE minor repairs or button replacement
  • Quality product and convenient services

We go the extra mile, so you don't have to!