Self Service

True Value Laundry's, welcoming environment feels more like a living room than a laundry room. But we don’t want you to move in—we want you to move on, and quickly. How does 40-60 minutes sound?

Fast and Efficient Washers & Dryers

True Value Laundry is equipped with the latest in Huebsch Galaxy 6 technology. With our high-speed, high-extraction front load washers, a typical wash cycle takes just 24 minutes!

Compared to other models, these turbo-charged washers use less water and are more energy efficient. Plus, the head-spinning 200-G force spin cycle removes more water so your laundry takes less time to dry.

Our 10 washers have variable temperature and wash settings to clean your clothes with care.

  • 3 - 20-pound capacity
  • 2 - 30-pound capacity
  • 3 - 40-pound capacity
  • HUGE, 60-pound capacity
  • MEGA, 80-pound capacity

Our 10 fuel-efficient natural gas dryers feature multiple temperature settings to gently tumble your clothes dry in as little as 20 minutes.

  • 8 medium, 30-pound capacity
  • 2 large, 45-pound capacity

Folding Stations

Custom millwork folding tables, created by local craftsmen, provide ample space .