Industrial Services

Industrial cleaning is a very specialized form of cleaning as in many cases these items are not only to protect against dirt but also the safety of your staff. For this reason we take the utmost care when cleaning your garments to ensure they are cared for appropriately as required according to manufacturer recommendations. Whether your garments are made of fire proof materials or have safety reflective striping, we have the expertise to help to ensure the safety of your employees is top of mind.

Just as your business is your top priority, we too make “your business” our top priority. We know how important reliability and timeliness are to your business and we make sure that we excel in these areas and that our customers are always more than satisfied. We look to enhance our partners' businesses by providing not only GREEN cleaning but an unsurpassed level of quality. We use the most current equipment and processes tha allows our partners to be proud of the level of service we provide.

We designed our process with your company in mind. We strive to ensure that our staff follow any protocol that your business requires whether for safety or as a matter of your normal course of business. We make sure that our service is tailored to your business's needs so your day to day operations are not affected and to ensure maximum efficiency. We are always happy to accommodate special requests from our customers whether it be an extra pickup day, rush orders or any other requests that can help your business move more effectively.